Panties are Optional….cake is not. Happy 200th 1NS (with giveaway)

I don’t think I’ll live to be 200, but if medicine and God decide that’s the new trend, I’d do my best with it. 1NS, however, is not limited to such restrictions. With the amazing authors out there continuing on Madam Eve’s mission, the One Night Stands are only leading to more and more love.



With all the giveaways going on for the 1NS celebration, I had a hard time choosing what to add to the mix. So I went with chocolate! I am heading for a book signing at the end of the month, hosted by my FAVORITE store ever, Treats and Treasures in Lake City, Minnesota (where they have tons of yumminess). So, chocolate it shall be to one lucky comment leaver. US only, offer void where prohibited.

In the comments, please leave your name, email and favorite kind of celebration cake. Maybe it’s not a birthday cake, maybe it’s a special treat someone makes during the Christmas season. Let’s hear it!



Also, make sure you get entered to win something from Decadent Publishing–


I’ll get this party started–My name is Stephanie Beck, stephaniebeckauthor @ gmail . com , and I like chocolate cake, especially when it is made by someone else, has fluffy frosting and is decorated with polka dots.





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