Wishing you a Super Holiday!

Christmas is my very favorite holiday. It is immensely special in my faith and my family and celebrating…oh it is simply so good.

It seems from the weekend after Thanksgiving to the second week of January that the level of crazy hits an all time high. I love it. I do it to myself (I know very well I could say ‘no’ to things once in a while–but why would I?).

I like to think about what my characters are doing this time of year. I know Poppy and her guys are enjoying it with their kids–as well as the Paraby parents from Mary’s Men.

My new series at Beachwalk Press this year includes a new world–the world of superheroes. How do superheroes celebrate the holidays? Let’s check in with Man of Wonder, Dinah-Go, Crypto-Man and Honorable Lady to find out. **OH, and stay tuned after the segment to learn about a SUPER GIVEAWAY!)**


Silver City

Justice Fraternity Lair

Day after Thanksgiving

“This is Andrew Tickle for OSHQ, live at the Justice Fraternity lair. I have Man of Wonder here to tell me about this year’s Christmas Tree. Man of Wonder, you’re known for your extravagant themes. What is it this year?”

Man of Wonder smiled at him. No wonder the dude got all the ladies. Even though he’d settled with Dinah-Go, the ladies still threw themselves at him. If Andrew were a little less straight, he might…interview. He was doing the interview.

“I’m so glad you’re here with us, Andrew. Our theme this year is ‘cake’.”

“Come again?” Andrew asked. The last reporter to cover the Christmas tree lighting had spent the day with Hollywood elite, schmoozing and posting obnoxious selfies throughout the day.

“Cake. This year we indulged Crypto-Man’s brain child. Frosting. Sprinkles. Scented and flavored ornaments. All organic.”

He had to be kidding.

“All right, then.” Andrew kept his smile, but damn it, he’d been hoping rockets and flying and maybe penguins. “Let’s see it.”

Man of Wonder stretched out his hand. The frilly pink frosting on the treat clashed with the red of his super suit. Cupcakes and superheroes…could this assignment get worse?

“Looks delicious.” Andrew took the cupcake. “Let’s head inside and see the main event. Obscure Superhero Quarterly is excited to share the holidays with the Fraternity of Justice.”

The head superhero turned and strode to the main room doors. When the camera dipped Andrew snapped his fingers. The viewers didn’t need to see Silver City’s leading hero’s butt. At least not during the Christmas special.

“This is it. We’ll see if this is the start of Crypto-Man’s decorating career,” Andrew said.

Man of Wonder laughed. “Indeed. Welcome, to ‘Cake’.”

He threw open the doors and Andrew nearly dropped his cupcake. The vaulted ceiling room shimmered, as if a shaker of sugar had exploded, coating each wall floor to ceiling. In the center of the room a giant pine hung from the ceiling. Diagnal rows of colored ornaments decorated the bottom two-thirds, but the final third was done in white. All white, puffy oranaments…frosting.

“That is damn cool,” Andrew muttered, and winced. “I mean, interesting tree, Man of Wonder. Show us around. What makes the space special?”

“Really? There’s a giant tree decorated like a gormet cupcake right in front of your face in a room that looks like a sugar crystal exploded and you ask what makes it special?”

“Fair enough, sir. Fair enough.”

“And every ornament is edible. It was one of Crypto-Man’s requirements.” Man of Wonder pulled a small pink twist from the tree and took a bite. “Pulled sugar.”

“Cool. And where is the master mind?” Andrew asked.

“There were supposed to be a row of green ornaments. Crypto Man ate that box…so he’s out running.”

Surely he hadn’t heard that correctly. “The entire…box?”

“Of pure sugar ornaments–otherwise known as rocket fuel. So, he went out to get some Black Friday deals. I’m relying on Honorable Lady to keep him out of trouble.”

“Wow.” Andrew looked around again, the camera operator doing the same. “This is some set up, Man of Wonder.”

“And we’ll be hosting a few schools as the season progresses.”

“This is a kid’s paradise.”

“And a dentist’s nightmare.” Man of Wonder grinned. “All in all, I’m quite pleased with the result. What do you think, Andrew? I could tell you were skeptical.”

He took in the walls, covered in real crystals, one piece at a time. The tree, every inch unique and beautiful, all put together to be a treat he rarely enjoyed these days. Carbs were killers and sugar enemy number one. All of that…and yet….he took a bite of the cupcake, joy exploding in his mouth as sugar, cream and butter combined.

Man of Wonder laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

Andrew finished his bite and turned to the camera. “This is Andrew Tickle from the Justice Fraternity lair, where cake truly is bringing in the ‘merry’ in Merry Christmas. Thanks for hosting us, Man of Wonder.”

“My pleasure. ‘Tis the season for something special and to share that something special with those around you. Old friends, new friends…it’s the time to enjoy them all.”

“And to eat cake.” A huge table laden down with more cupcakes caught his eye. They might not be on the same level as Hollywood stars, but Andrew wasn’t about to turn his nose up at eating cake with superheroes. No sir. He winked at the camera, his signature sign off. “Back to you, Phil. And Merry Christmas.”


And now I’m hungry!! Cake and Christmas trees…my favorite things. I totally am with Crypto Man on this one. Yum! For more on the Justice Fraternity, pick up Super Love and Crypto Love–available now through Beachwalk Press.

I have a super giveaway for one lucky commenter (US only, please). 1 Super Swag Bag–with super swag and candy! Please leave a note about your favorite holiday decoration. Be sure to leave your name and email so I can contact the winner!

And be sure to stop by the other blogs on the Beachwalk Holiday Blog hop!

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All the best,

Stephanie Beck


13 thoughts on “Wishing you a Super Holiday!

  1. We had a tradition in my family growing up that, each year, my brother and I would each get a new ornament. My parents started it as a cute thing to do so that, when we moved out, we’d have ornaments :) Every year, they buy me a Frosty Friends ornament (my brother got Crayola ones, but they stopped making them/parents couldn’t find one one year, so now it’s random stuff). Mine are adorable, the company has a new ornament each year, released just for that year (the year’s even marked somewhere on the ornaments) of penguins, igloos, eskimos, huskies. Those are my favorite decorations :)

  2. My favorite holiday decoration is the one ornament we buy every year as a celebration of our family. It is a tradition to add a new ornament every year and it will usually represent something that meant something to us as a family–it could be a book, movie, event, etc…. If we cannot find the perfect one, we make it! So, I really have several favorites, but they all have meanings behind them.
    kbinmich AT yahoo DOT com

  3. My favorite holiday decoration is the the ornament my daughter bought me when she went on a trip with friends. She took some of spending money and bought me this expensive ornament. I wanted to be upset with her but she was so happy and excited I didn’t have the heart. A great post and an exciting read. Thank you for a chance to win. Merry Christmas!!!
    kac_030 @ yahoo . com

  4. Wow loved the excerpt and the cover is awesome! My favorite holiday decoration is a gift that my mother bought me a few years ago at Cracker Barrell. It is a non usable gumball machine. It is decorated with a Christmas theme and has little colorful balls in side, when you turn it on the little balls start popping around to Christmas music. It is super cute ! My cat was setting next to it when I turned it on and she nearly lost a life when it started popping it was hilarious. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

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