Scare Me

I’m a big wimp. I get scared of lots of stuff and don’t like it one bit. I don’t watch scary movies–nope, just don’t do it. I blame my dad’s habit of watching the unsolved murder mystery kind of shows when I was a kid. One of those guys had a total old vampire voice…ah heck, I’m going to have nightmares tonight just thinking about it!


Anyway, I don’t like scary…but then I had this dream. It was SO scary. My husband was out of town, our old house was all creaking and groaning, and then this scary dream hits and I was a wreck. I wrote it out in my notebook to get it out. When I was little, I would desperately try to give my scary dreams a happy ending, so I could go back to sleep.


Sure, there were goblins eating my toes and some scary guy chased me through a junk yard–but then I painted my toe stubs a nice purple sparkle and I found a nice, roomy fridge to hide in until the scary guy got winded and I could escape. I did the same with this dream that bugged me. And from there, a story was born.


Midnight at Ripley Inn

by Stephanie Beck


Rene only wanted to temper her mommy guilt with a nice family vacation to the coast. Waking up to a room covered in blood and her youngest child biting herself never entered her plans. With her seven-year-old trying to hurt the ones around her and no way off the island, Rene and her husband rely on the help of the locals.

While storms rage on, both outside and inside the Ripley Inn, Rene must decide whether to trust the kind island pastor, or the ghost trapped inside the walls of the hotel. One claims to want to help them, the other wants them gone before what’s inside Rene’s daughter bursts free and kills them all.

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Looking to jump just a little? This one is for you!

All the Best,

Stephanie Beck


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