How do you Help?

I volunteer a lot in my community. It’s fun. It’s fulfilling and I recommend everyone finds a way to be of service to the people in the world around them–we all need a little extra help sometimes. Recently I gave up one of my major volunteer commitments–something I’d done for years, but thanks to restructuring and a few personality conflicts, it just wasn’t a good fit any longer.


Now, I’ve been told before that I do a lot of stuff (kid stuff, craft stuff, writing stuff, volunteering etc). And I do have a big reason for that. I need to be busy, focused and useful. It makes my heart feel good, and without going too deeply religious, I feel very ‘called’ to use what I have to make life better for the ones around me. So much good comes from doing for others, loving others, and supporting others as they do the same.


Without this particular venue, I’m a little lost at the moment. I could fill this time slot with a host of different things–but I think I need something pretty new and different, so I’m asking!


How do you volunteer? How do you make a difference in your community and the world around you? Give this girl a lead on doing something good. I love to hear the creative ways people prop each other up–it’s what keeps the world going.


Take care, stay warm, watch out for bears,

Stephanie Beck


2 thoughts on “How do you Help?

  1. I used to volunteer for doggy adoptions which I loved doing. Perhaps you could use your crafty-ness and make fun boggins and stuffed critters for children’s hospitals? I imagine a child that’s lost his/her hair would love your cute hats :)

    • The doggy adoption sounds so much like something you would do, O. I bet they loved having you around to help and play. There are children’s hospitals close by. I will look into that! Thank you :)

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